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Greg McDaniel

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Greg McDaniel

CEO, Real Estate Uncensored
Greg McDaniel literally began his career at his father’s knee. It would not be an exaggeration to say he has real estate in his blood.

Greg cut his teeth in real estate working open houses and acting as chauffeur to his dad a 42-year real estate veteran. While driving Terry McDaniel he received a first hand education in the art of buying and selling from someone who had mastered the game. “I heard him negotiate deals all the time.”

While a career in real estate seemed a given for Greg after college, his focus was on a career in Hollywood. “I got out of college with no direction. In a word I was a pain to deal with on all levels. I thought I knew it all and I wasn’t willing to listen. In a word I was opinionated.”

All of Greg’s youthful behavior caused him to lose it all and he had to grow up fast. It was a life changing experience that humbled him. But rather than throw in the towel, he rose to the occasion, suited up and projected the characteristics of a true warrior.

He applied himself like the professional he is and has made a name for himself as a titan of real estate. In addition to working multiple real estate deals, Greg currently provides training and coaching to other realtors. It is his commitment to make sure the deal is done right and that the client is treated fairly.

Greg, a 15-year real estate veteran and partner at McDaniel/Callahan Real Estate is a man on a mission. He has become a champion for his clients and all those potential buyers and sellers who need to be educated about the world of real estate. And that is what Greg McDaniel does. He changes lives

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